Gauthier Keyaerts – Totem #1 – live in Brussels (10May2021) – WORK IN PROGRESS

Allez, un petit coup d’anglais!

TOTEM#1 is the first draft of a ‘monumental’ work that puts together music / soundscapes and poems from all around the world, read by the poets (in order of appearance: Miguel Angel Real, Kate Rex, Jean-Marc Desgent, Roger West, Elí Urbina Montenegro, Charles Pennequin, Manuel Neto Dos Santos, Frédérique Soumagne, Bertrand Laverdure) who wrote them in their original language. Some poets also pay a tribute to Antonin Artaud.

Totem is… gather the world into the same space, be connected to what unites us at any given moment – microscopic yet infinite, through poetry and music.

Miguel Angel Real (Spain): Un homenaje en un minuto
Kate Rex (England): extract from L’Ombilic des limbes (Antonin Artaud)
Jean-Marc Desgent (Quebec): Poem for the installation « L’oeil Sampler#2 »
Roger West (Scotland): Postcard from Bertrand Laverdure (work in progress)
Elí Urbina Montenegro (Peru): Guardo Hospedada en mi memoria
Charles Pennequin (France): Insulte à l’inconditionné (Antonin Artaud)
Manuel Neto Dos Santos (Portugal): Cada verso é um pássaro
Frédérique Soumagne (France): Poem for Gauthier Keyaerts’ installation « L’oeil Sampler#2 »
Bertrand Laverdure (Quebec): L’arbre est politique (« L’oeil Sampler#2 »)

Live session (impro), mastering and editing : Gauthier Keyaerts